Sunday, 10 August 2014


hello. hai. bonjour, sawadikap

who want success, ? 

ask ourselves . did we want success ? yes of course we want it. dont ask. we need it. it exist naturally in our soul. But how many people want patience ? well some of us not. 

in journey for success many people fail. why ? 

they think to much about success, about fame, what to do with the success, they make too much imagination dreaming , 

this make the initial the holy one drifted to the evil one, we lost our attention to be pleased with God just want to be famous , 

success not come easy, it's not just we eat and swallow. 

it has a process. A process which determined wether we can be granted success or not.

a process which will broke you down into deepest side of darkness. 

which will you wondering is there any hope.

well if you find way out, there is hope, if one door not open, find another door, open it, during searching of way out, you will gain experience which maturing you.

all you have to do while searching way out is patience and pray..

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