Sunday, 10 August 2014


hello. hai. bonjour, sawadikap

who want success, ? 

ask ourselves . did we want success ? yes of course we want it. dont ask. we need it. it exist naturally in our soul. But how many people want patience ? well some of us not. 

in journey for success many people fail. why ? 

they think to much about success, about fame, what to do with the success, they make too much imagination dreaming , 

this make the initial the holy one drifted to the evil one, we lost our attention to be pleased with God just want to be famous , 

success not come easy, it's not just we eat and swallow. 

it has a process. A process which determined wether we can be granted success or not.

a process which will broke you down into deepest side of darkness. 

which will you wondering is there any hope.

well if you find way out, there is hope, if one door not open, find another door, open it, during searching of way out, you will gain experience which maturing you.

all you have to do while searching way out is patience and pray..

Thursday, 31 July 2014

WHY non muslim country lead in practicing Al-Quran

recently we were told by news that among ranking the country that practice islamic law according to Al-Quran and Sunnah of The Prophet RasulAllah is Ireland and the highest for muslim country is number 33 which is below than Israel,
this is very unacceptable result for us as muslim. Where is the muslim country that truly practice Islamic Law today ?
where is the people that truly bring us closer to Allah today ?

before we blaming the researchers that make research about it, let us think back,
do we practice islam fully?
do we do what muslim should do?
do we help people in need?
do we do thing like smile , greet people, give food to poor and other sunnah?

as we see today, most of our islamic country was full of conflict and war, children and woman was killed because most of their leaders want to be ruler.
we also can see that suicide bomb targeting civilian building and many were dead, most of it are innocent people that has no idea what is going on.
 not including country that practice corruption, cronisme and tyranni. most of them are muslim country. we see indonesia and egypt which has critical corruption problem.

Muslim today live in the worst condition.
they fight each other .
they kill each other
they backbite each other.
they humilliate each other
they boycotting their own product.
they sell religious for the sake of the world.

none of the example above are from Al-Quran and Sunnah, most of muslim today they did not follow Al-Quran path, of course some of muslim were trying to bring back islam in the right path, but how many muslim support them? beside they were captured by the islamic country ruler and imprisoned them, they were treat like animal. is this how Al-Quran were told to do ?
 certainly not, this is notfrom example of RasulAllah. Give example, when we eating, how many recite dua? how many eat with right hand? how many follow Sunnah of RasulAllah, we look to ourselve, did we practice islamic lifestyle? did we cover our aurah?  did we grateful for what Allah give to us?

we must question ourselve before we will be judge in the here after. Allah did not change us unless we change ourselve first. this is law of the physic, every action there is reaction. make a move to make us closer to Allah, read more Quran , history of the sahabah, learn from the history and we can plan for our future.

we look to the people of europe, they practice exactly what Al-Quran saying, when disaster occur around the world including muslim country, they were first arrive in place. while Islamic country were sleeping with hedonisme, fun and wealth.

we look in sudan , somalia, rohingya in myanmar, they were oppresed in their own country. where is the islamic country ? no......

we see muslim country today they to chasing modernisation and drawn further from Allah, they dont understand civilisation is not just modernisme, the good attitude of people that reach the highest level with good moral. without it we will fall like rom, parsi, soviet union and other empire..
change our attitude toward better.get back to quran, read it, practice it, do what RasulAllah do, be content for what Allah has give to you and you will beacome among the richest person, do good toward people.

Allah Does Not Fail In His Promise

Saturday, 26 July 2014

comeback ????

Hello guys, assalamualaikum, sorry for not posting in long time, more than a year actually, well i guess it's not late for me to post something that might help you all.
 so this post is about what is trending right now, HIJAB, we see most of the western country ban hijab because it show the lack of cultural ethic and give no freedom to woman to express their beauty to peoples? eh???!!.

what do know about hijab,
did you understand what is hijab?,
is hijab is must in islam?
 is hijab is oppressing woman?
what effect in health if woman apply hijab and its connection to the beauty.?

so we go to the first point, what is hijab?? where the words of hijab come from.

well etymologically hijab come from word of arabic  حجاب‎, it means cover
The term hijab in Arabic literally means “a screen or curtain” and is used in the Qur'an to refer to a partition. The Qur'an tells the male believers (Muslims) to talk to the wives of the Prophet Muhammad behind a curtain. This curtain was the responsibility of the men and not the wives of Prophet Muhammad. This leads some to claim that the mandate of theQur'an to wear hijab applies to the wives of the Prophet, not women generally
its also mean  state of mind enjoined upon both men and women in Islam. At the heart of its purpose, Hijab is about maintaining or elevating the dignity of every individual regardless of gender and preserving the ability of individuals to feel the natural sense of modesty, the loss of which is a serious spiritual sickness.

from simple meaning hijab is a veil that cover entire body excluding face and hand, of course you can see some certain muslim woman wear niqab to cover their priceless face, but that is not must depend on which mazhab, but it's okay to wear it.

okay next we go to the second point that is understanding hijab.
 you have to know hijab has 2 important things based on the Quran.

1. Lowering your gaze: This means you should avoid looking at, listening to, or otherwise observing anything that damages your natural sense of modesty and shame, as well as anything that causes you to feel temptation to sin or causes attraction toward someone with whom you could not lawfully act on it.
2. Guarding your modesty: This means you should avoid revealing anything about yourself, whether through how you dress, how you speak, what you say or write, or other means, that would cause damage to your natural sense of modesty and shame, or tempt you to sin, or cause you to be attracted to or to attract someone with whom you could not lawfully act on that attraction.
so the idea of  hijab is not apply in muslimah fashion clothing, but also in our daily life. It's has connection in our responsibilities as muslim that is prevent what is harm and do what is good.
is hijab is must in islam ?

The requirements of Islamic modest dress are based upon thosetwo principles. Dress should be such that it guards your modesty and aids you in lowering your gaze and does not make it unnecessarily difficult for someone else to lower their gaze and guard their own modesty based on the ayah Quran below

O children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as adornment. But the clothing of righteousness - that is best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember

Al Araf-26

hijab oppressing ??
Hijab requirements do not block women and men from doing business or from attending meetings in the same room as long as they are observing Hijab. However, the lowering of the gaze means when in the presence of non-mahrams, one should avoid looking at them in such a way as to be attracted to their bodies, or listening to them in such a way as to be attracted to their voices, etc. And in turn, the guarding of modesty means that one should behave so as not to be trying to attract the opposite sex, or showing off, or discoursing with them in a familiar way or about private topics.

Even the enemies of Islam have recognized that Hijab of men and women gives dignity to humanity and thus empowers those who observe it. This is one of the main reasons that they systematically attack it and try to convince Muslim men and women to abandon true Hijab. Observing Hijab begins and ends with its two over-riding principles – lowering your gaze and guarding your modesty. These two acts are greatly beneficial to you in both this world and the Hereafter – they protect you from hardship, sin, and confusion and they elevate you spiritually –  and this is why many people who observe Hijab describe it as being very freeing and something they truly love. Examine your interactions and your wardrobe with these two principles in mind, change anything that is out of line, and you will soon be enjoying the benefits in your own life

There are many scientific facts that describe the health benefits of the hijab.

U V Radiation of the Sun and Skin Cancer
Medical experts have always warned us against the damaging effects of the suns’ harmful rays, particularly the ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The UV rays from sunlight penetrate the atmosphere and are responsible for causing many health conditions such as premature skin aging, eye damage (including cataracts), and skin cancers. They also suppress the immune system, thus, reducing the ability to fight off diseases and other maladies.

A leading medical magazine has brought to attention and increasing problem of “melanoma”, a deadliest form of skin cancer that arises due to long term exposure to direct sunlight. It is highly prevalent amongst women, mainly because the dress sense that they usually adopted means that large parts of their bodies are uncovered and thus, exposed to the harmful effects of UV radiation.  The legs are the most common part of the body that is largely afflicted by this disease, mainly because of the short length skirts that women commonly wear.

As UV rays can penetrate through clouds, fabric and glass, wearing transparent clothing will not provide sufficient protection from this type of cancer.

Medical experts recommend people to cover up with loose-fitting clothing, especially those made with tightly woven fabrics as they provide a greater barrier between the skin and the sun. Bright or dark-coloured clothing tend to reflect more UV radiation than pastel coloured clothing and bleached cottons.

Effects of Hot Weather
Spending long hours in hot weather without sufficient protection can be damaging to health, particularly, the brain. Long term exposure to heat can deplete many essential elements present in the body, namely phosphorous.

Phosphorous provides strength to bones and teeth and is potent in performing essential activities for different body parts like the brain, kidneys and heart.

A leading health specialist discovered that phosphorus depletes at temperatures of 108 °F.  A human body can easily reach such temperatures when exposed to the hot sun for any length of time without sufficient protection. Frequent and long term exposure to such temperatures can result in overheating of the head that increases the risk of irreversible brain damage and memory loss.

For this reason, health advisors recommend people to wear a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses to help shield sensitive skin on the head, neck, and around the eyes as these are the areas that usually sustain a lot of sun damage.

Effects of Cold Weather.
Exposure to cold weather conditions upsets the equilibrium of the human body that results in ill-health. Frequent exposure to cold and windy conditions without sufficient protection increases the risk of suffering from colds and flu with aches, pains and shivers.

Medical tests revealed that 40-60% of body heat is lost through the head and people are advised to protect their heads in such wintery conditions.  It is proven that wearing a hat during the winter months provides 50% more protection from heat loss than being without a head covering. It is also advised to wrap up warm to stay away from drafts. 

In some professions, workers are required to wear some sort of head covering for hygiene purposes such as, nurses, fast food workers, health care providers and many more.

The head-covering ensures cleanliness and purity and prevents cross contamination and spread of infections and diseases.

Summary of Protective Measures
Health specialists advise people to protect themselves from UV radiation, both indoors and out. It is advised to:
- Remain in the shade between 10 am to 4 pm.
- Cover up with loose-fitting clothing, especially those made with tightly woven fabrics
- Wear a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses
- Apply suitable sunscreens especially on babies over the age of six months.
- Examine the skin from head-to-toe every month.
- and see the doctor every year for a professional skin exam.

In wintery conditions, health officials advise people to:
- Wrap up and keep warm
- Cover the head
- and keep away from cold drafts

Islamic Dress Code
Over all, health officials have perfectly described the ‘Islamic dress code’ by recommending that the best form of clothing to wear should be good quality, loose fitting clothing that cover the maximum amount of skin.

The versatility of this type of clothing is that it can be cool and comfortable to wear during the summer months and yet warm and insulating in the winter months.

The headscarf or any form of head covering provides protection from both extremes of temperatures and guards the vital organs from sustaining damage from each of the extremes.

The Islamic dress maintains a state of balance within the human body that helps keep it healthy through out its lifetime. This proves that there are always valid reasons behind any divine rulings and regulations given to mankind and it is clear that the wisdom of Allah in prescribing such rulings related to hijab and the Islamic dress code provides protection not only from sociological and psychological issues but from a health perspective too.

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New... hmmm :) sorry

As I grow older, much older, I will experience many things, and I will hit rock bottom again and again. Again and again I will suffer; again and again I will get back on my feet. I will not be defeated. I won’t let my spirit be destroyed. when I see Star, i know, God Test me

 The world works in funny ways - the bad things are always presented so beautifully and has allure while the good things are always veiled with hard work and perseverance. May Allah grant us wisdom, our generation is in dire need of it. Amin.

Friends, lets remind one another to trust in the Qadr of Allah, as Allah is Al Alim, the All-Knowing.

Ya Allah prevent me from mazmumah thing ameen

Friday, 21 June 2013


 we are to wondering why we are not good enough
 Only Allah can do it, Only He can give peace on somebody heart
 bond that will never break

Saturday, 1 June 2013

First page of happy June

Allah give what you need, not what you want, cause what you want may bad to yourself

why people now fight Allah although they stand and sit in their house

please stay calm and quit, sometime we can turn kafir when we speak and does not know what we speak make us kufr to Allah, nauzubillah
And who is better in speech than him who prayeth unto his Lord and doeth right, and saith: Lo! I am of those who are muslims
Surah Fussilat | Verse 33

muslim woman, you are the trustworthy for us, so we will take care of you even you fight us, we don't want you go to hell