Thursday, 31 July 2014

WHY non muslim country lead in practicing Al-Quran

recently we were told by news that among ranking the country that practice islamic law according to Al-Quran and Sunnah of The Prophet RasulAllah is Ireland and the highest for muslim country is number 33 which is below than Israel,
this is very unacceptable result for us as muslim. Where is the muslim country that truly practice Islamic Law today ?
where is the people that truly bring us closer to Allah today ?

before we blaming the researchers that make research about it, let us think back,
do we practice islam fully?
do we do what muslim should do?
do we help people in need?
do we do thing like smile , greet people, give food to poor and other sunnah?

as we see today, most of our islamic country was full of conflict and war, children and woman was killed because most of their leaders want to be ruler.
we also can see that suicide bomb targeting civilian building and many were dead, most of it are innocent people that has no idea what is going on.
 not including country that practice corruption, cronisme and tyranni. most of them are muslim country. we see indonesia and egypt which has critical corruption problem.

Muslim today live in the worst condition.
they fight each other .
they kill each other
they backbite each other.
they humilliate each other
they boycotting their own product.
they sell religious for the sake of the world.

none of the example above are from Al-Quran and Sunnah, most of muslim today they did not follow Al-Quran path, of course some of muslim were trying to bring back islam in the right path, but how many muslim support them? beside they were captured by the islamic country ruler and imprisoned them, they were treat like animal. is this how Al-Quran were told to do ?
 certainly not, this is notfrom example of RasulAllah. Give example, when we eating, how many recite dua? how many eat with right hand? how many follow Sunnah of RasulAllah, we look to ourselve, did we practice islamic lifestyle? did we cover our aurah?  did we grateful for what Allah give to us?

we must question ourselve before we will be judge in the here after. Allah did not change us unless we change ourselve first. this is law of the physic, every action there is reaction. make a move to make us closer to Allah, read more Quran , history of the sahabah, learn from the history and we can plan for our future.

we look to the people of europe, they practice exactly what Al-Quran saying, when disaster occur around the world including muslim country, they were first arrive in place. while Islamic country were sleeping with hedonisme, fun and wealth.

we look in sudan , somalia, rohingya in myanmar, they were oppresed in their own country. where is the islamic country ? no......

we see muslim country today they to chasing modernisation and drawn further from Allah, they dont understand civilisation is not just modernisme, the good attitude of people that reach the highest level with good moral. without it we will fall like rom, parsi, soviet union and other empire..
change our attitude toward better.get back to quran, read it, practice it, do what RasulAllah do, be content for what Allah has give to you and you will beacome among the richest person, do good toward people.

Allah Does Not Fail In His Promise

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