Sunday, 7 April 2013

Beauty Of chemistry

Asalamualaikum and hai everyone , how about your day, I hope you make your day ...
this week is very though , very unpredictable rough life, i don't know if i can make it or not, people thought life in university is fun, but most of them are wrong.. I don't want to explain it cause they will fell it sooner

By the way , in early semester , i found something interesting in Chemsitry 1...
it's about our life

let me state ' A spectrum from white light can be seperate into continuous range of colour or call rainbow covering all wavelength '

after read this statement, i suddenly think of us, our life , our path, our future and final destination , we initially are nothing, powerless , like white paper then we move a step forward , step forward and move forward..
similarly to the light , they will move long distance from the sun, a long journey , thousand million kilometer before they to the earth, before that , they had hitted asteroid , planet , and various thing in space

why i relate to the rainbow ?? the colouur of spectrum.....
Peak M.Grindewald, Swiss

because  from white we can be anything we want , red blue purple black orange and many thing,
why i make colour as symbol..... because it represent our akhlak or attitude, colour can be a symbol of occupation , scientist also relate colour in our life , red is for people who likely always angry, we can choose our own self what colour we want , just choose  it , and you will happy , but don't choose that will harm you in the rest of your life :)

another thing

'when different gases are placed in a tube under reduced pressure and high voltage, the gases emit different coloursof light'

this statement teach us how to survive.. how to live in  this world , when we go outside or different place, don't be afraid, don't think many thing , think positive , reduced your stress , life around us is full of inspirational thing , don't be scare about the income , do your thing with high esteem or high self confident , but never over confident

p/s i'm not good in writing article , so sorry if this not satisfy you

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