Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I’ve not sleep in two day (lying) well I’m sleep … a bit….

I have thinking of my action and my feeling nowadays … on that 2 gloomy and lonely … and peacefully… then I read quran  in Surah Al-Imran.. OUCH … my heart is blind … when I read this ayat
It is only Evil One that suggest to you the fear of his votaries : be you not afraid of them , but fear Me, if you have faith
Surah Al-Imran : 175

Yes !!! I’m always thinking badly and .. this will make setan influenced me and give the negative feedback of my future  …. So when I read this ayat.. I fell my heart was stabbed .. I should think positive and smile J …. No need to be afraid about my future … all of the negative is just come form evil .. that will dim my spirit….

Then I read to next ayat in same Surah ,
And Allah will not leave the believers in state in which you are now , until He separates what is evil from what is good nor will He disclose to you the secret of the Unseen (ghaib). But He choose of His messengers (for the purpose ) whom He pleases. So believe in Allah and His Messengers : and if you believe and do right, you have a reward without measure
Surah Al-imran : 179

I need to believe in Allah no matter what happen .. I’m His servant and He will not His servant fall in darkness even I’ve done many thing wrong and sin .. but He still guide me …. I need to trust Him no matter ….

In ayat 186 in same surah.. Allah has told to the muslim that they will test with wealth and ourselves

Allah also will test us with many thing that we cannot see it’s hikmah .. I believe this is test for me
He want me to stay strong … to find the answer of himah for my own someday InsyAllah ,  it  will reveal … what I need now is sabar

This is time for me to find something and give back to my family …. They had done many thing to me

Like an English quote

Step up outside house .. don’t look back .. just go where you want to go .. and seek knowledge .. then share it
yesterday is history, tomorrow is future , today is a gift .. use it wisely , we don’t know what happen tomorrow but what we did today determine our futureselve ,  let the past become history there’s nothing we can do unless we go through it even it’s bitter and sour

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