Saturday, 5 January 2013

about MYSELF

Hello all of you..

This is me.. the author and the owner of this blog, I’m Ziyad Bin Razali…

 I’m 17.. in a week from now I will be 18 at 1.43 am

I was born in 13 January 1995 at General Terengganu Hospital , on Friday

This is my first time I’m going far from my family.. I’ve got scholarship to enter Petronas Technology University… so I’m feel nervous, excited, anger, and same time.. I feel scared..


I feel scared a can’t make it in University..

I’m afraid I live in joy and forget books

I feel scared my Iman will wipe out little by little

I ‘m afraid I can’t make my own thing..

I’m afraid I lose everything

I want to tell it to people , but I can’t, I don’t know why … when I want to tell .. they vanished ..  :’(

I’m alone when I’m having my own problem … no one ask me … it’s okay … because I ‘m not show to people when I’m have my problem

At the same time, I want to talk to my crushed.. …………………………………………………… 

I can’t

I want to tell her.. everyday I’m always remember her.. to be honest… I can’t forget her no matter how many time I tried.. I try to make other thing like camping, sport. Or whatever activity that need focus.. but same result. Her face always appear…

I always wonder everything good thing that I’ve done was got pleased by Allah because I want her saw it..

When I told this thing a few month before.. she think badly about me ( I think) but it okay
She don’t understand and always don’t want to understand, hmmmm

I don’t know if my crushed read this or not but I don’t care .. at least .. I can write if I’m not tell to people.. let this be save in this blog forever even not many people visit my blog

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