Saturday, 29 December 2012

Love toward human being

There is no word as beautiful as languagePraise to my younger brotherNo pictures as beautiful as paintingsI want to show feelingsArranged beautifully in rhythm and song lyrics that didendangkan. SeseSaveorang expressed love to someone he loves. There was a love for nature that has been ordained by God is indeed love happen because compliance with the will of God. Hence the perfection of God's love is when he loves someone who is loved by God and he hates someone who is hated by God.C I N T A or LOVE is the basis for all types of worship. Worship becomes invalid without accompanied by a feeling of love with perfect humility, such as song lyrics for acts of love and the love expressed with modesty (sincere).Awards bestowed love and grace of God that he felt very invaluable to someone sometimes willing to sacrifice their lives for him.But, can we equate our love to someone with our love to Allah? Course at all the answer, NO. For that which is likened his love to someone as he loves God or loves something besides God or not because God loves something then that person was one of those people who have 'shirk' ie idolatry. Nauzu Billah min zalik.This is because love desires should be adjusted according to the teachings of the Prophet, as it says in surah Ali 'Imran, verse 31."Say (O Muhammad):" If ye do love Allah, Follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins, and (remember) Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. "This verse explains that, "If we truly love Allah follow the Prophet's teachings lover of God who received leaflets from God through the angel Gabriel and present it to us, the human race. Why? For in the brochure that there are all kinds of worship and teaching that can be customized with lust love.He further promised to anyone who meets the above conditions of adherence to the Prophet, Allah will love him. Finally, God promises to forgive his sins.What is the Meaning of Love?LOVE construed in accordance with the interpretation of the word love even said mengunkapkan love sometimes confused by his own doing. This means that they can not understand the real meaning of love.Come on, we understand the meaning of love: true love, false love and associate with love.Polytheism love, that we love to equate to the same God as our love for a person or other beings to act mengagongkannya and fear him. While qualifying for diagongkan and fear are for Allah alone. This is one of love, love Him, let us not fall into the kind of love this.Let us not also deceived and falling in false love or love is not enough just to speak a word of love ALLAH, but deny syari'ah. Love this kind is not sufficient to entitle us to heaven God and escape from punishment of Hell. Why? Because the hypocrites and the unbelievers also love to God.They speak words but they actually love ALLAH who reject the grace of intellect, hearing and vision. They betray what is spoken because they deny what brought by the Prophet drip with syariah not comply with the order comes from Allah swt. Their love is not perfect (not enough) when first admitted the confession of faith but deny the second confession of faith.Is not that a lot happening at present, the Islamic groups on the outside but the interior infidelity? Nauzu Billah min zalik.

Therefore, do not we just know utter blindness cintq but the meaning of true love. The real meaning of love when we love what is loved by God. Love (obey) what they are commanded by Allah and hatred for what is forbidden by Allah. Love this brings us to the path of God and become true Muslims the man who loved God.Second, the meaning of True Love is Love for God. If we love someone please love for God. Love someone not only in appearance but please love someone because of her love of God that is close to that of the teachings of God.Hopefully kesempunaan understand true love, then we will be in the path of righteousness. Reach for it with supplications to God so blessed hearts open to receive it and mengimaninya. Perfection of love starts from the love of the One God and God willing will be complete the love of others. Subhanallah ..

Say "I Love God and love what is loved by Him." Hopefully always whisper in my heart, our hearts directed and trained for just menyintaiNya and meyintai what loved by Him.True love love!

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