Monday, 31 December 2012

My friend


Assalamualaikum.. to all reader of this blog…

First I want to say apologize to the reader of non-malay… this post I write firm my heart… If you feel  annoying I’m sorry  -_-

In my life.. I travel many times.. I meet lot people , know their tradition ,their history ,and their behavior.. In my journey to  I found many friends with different culture and background…

But there’s one or a few I think that not friend at all.. they just pretending to be my friends, some of them want my benefit that I have..I don’t know.. I don’t want to accuse anybody.. but this feeling was exist last 3 years ago.. when I at the age of 15…

This is life .. I know we live in this world there’s someone don’t want to see me happy even to joy some moment…  that person want me to be sad.. to feel not important.. always  ‘menyampuk’ (malay word) or disturb my conversation.. when people tell something bad to me.. ‘they’ just laugh and happy to see me in distressed , anger etc..

Is this friend.. no.. this is not friend… I’m not angry about it but I down hearted.. I know when sometimes I do something wrong that broke ‘their’ heart but It just joke.. ‘they’ know my joke or game sometimes brutal

When I say sorry I meant it.. I don’t want to revenge or have revenge in this tiny heart.. life is short to hate or to revenge.. ‘they’ will not read this because do not know my blog but I want to express my feeling here… anyone can’t here it . my friend even didn’t care about me.. just want to be with me when happy.. when loaded.. go to hell ok!!!

I even don’t want to have friend like that…  I don’t know to who I want to tell about this… I just pray to Allah.. He will help me.. Allah does not fail in his promise

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what Allah really want happen… but I trust Allah, I know Allah will give me the best like what Imam Syafie said :
go travel and journey.. leave your friend at home.. Allah will replace it
I wonder who is my truly friend… the real one..  most of my friend just pretend.. I ‘ve seen ‘them’ in 3 years… I don’t want to backbite , to gossip, to smash them.. I’m not like that….

Maybe my father was right… do good thing in hidden ,it will teach you how to be ikhlas and avoid riya’

What I need to do now is stay calm and quite.. let ‘them’ talk let ‘them’ have what I want.. you can own it.. nothing in this world remain forever.. we finally will enter grave alone

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