Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Be Easy.. to this world

yes... you
are you..
broken heart ?

feel people around you not care about you...

hmmm :))))

please don't be sad about that...
 why i'm telling you not to be sad..?

because .. let us  think  .why we live in this world...?
just to make people around you praise you.. care about you..?

the answer is NO

we  live in this world to give benefit for people..no matter what they are..
to share something that god give to us ..like talent 

yes sometimes we don't know our talent but we can develop it

back to our main point.. be easy in this world
here for muslim some guidance for you

life is to precious.. but don't make this world is our biggest concern

some day we will death and leave all the wealthy and family...

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